Employment Physicals

Ensure your employees can physically perform their required job duties

Agile  designs physical exam programs for employers that involves very little client interaction after a request is created. Our clinical team creates standardized medical protocols and performs examinations in compliance with State and Federal regulatory agencies.


Employee physicals ensure that your workforce is capable of medically and physically performing their required job duties. Job applicants and employees who undergo an exam are more productive, are less likely to miss work because of injury or illness and healthy employees means reduced liability and work comp claims.


  • Online exam scheduling
  • Online result access 24/7 through our portal
  • Medical protocol creation specific to your employee job descriptions
  • Medical review by our team of Occupational Medicine experts 
  • Secure medical record storage


Even if your company is not required by national or regional regulations, offering your employees a no-cost health check physical is a great way to ensure workplace safety and wellness.


And we take care of everything-we'll schedule your employees and candidates, provide medical review from medical professionals and deliver final results directly to you.


Agile's full range of occupational physicals and screenings offer peace-of-mind that employees are healthy and able to perform their best at work.

Types of employee physicals offered 

  • Baseline Physical & Annual Exams: Assesses the physical health of employees on a periodic basis

  • Pre-Employment: Establish if your candidates are able to perform their required job duties

  • Return-to-Work: Ensure that it’s safe for your employees to go back to work after an injury or illness 

  • DOT Physical: Determine if your driverss are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to operate a CMV

  • OSHA Medical Surveillance: Assesses if employees meet the physical and medical requirements established by OSHA

  • Physical Abilities: Asseses if employees meet the requirements of specific job

Setting up an employee physical program for your company

Contact Agile today for a no-obligation, free quote on setting up an employee physical testing program for your company. Our clinical team will review your requirements, make recomendations and present you with options to ensure your employees stay healthy and safe

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The Agile approach to Employment Physicals

During physical exams, an Agile clinician will check overall health and look for possible symptoms of illness or chronic conditions that may keep an employee or candidate from performing the duties of their job as specified by the employer. The tests performed will depend on the type of examination being conducted. We will review the candidate's medical health history and job information with them ans also usually check:


  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Pulse rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Existing medical illnesses
  • Previous medical history
  • Allergies and general social history




Preparing for a Work-Related Physical

Before a work-related physical or screening, employees should gather any paperwork from the employer as well as any medical information to bring to their visit so our providers review their medical history., They should bring:


  • All paperwork provided by your employer, including this Employer Authorization Form. 
  • Any documents needed for a DOT physical, if applicable. 
  • Photo ID (valid driver's license, state/federal/local issued ID, or employer issued badge) 
  • List of current medications 
  • List of past surgeries and medical conditions 
  • List of any allergies


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